The Discovery Difference

Taking a trip to India is like selecting a meal from a vast assortment of exotic dishes. Picking a destination in a country so varied is all about making the right choice which suits your personal tastes, and this is where we excel. With an outstanding team of India travel specialists, we can satisfy even the most fastidious holidaymaker. As you weigh your options, consider these six advantages of travelling with us that will enhance your journey to india.


The Discovery team has earned its stripes over a period of two decades, crafting personalised tours for businesses and clients worldwide. Be it a large group wishing to live in luxury or a lone traveller wanting to rough it out in the wilderness, we offer solutions for all. Whether you want to lounge beside the pool of a former palace or test your stamina on a twisting Himalayan trail, let Discovery be your guide!


We being Indian natives, nobody can feel the country's pulse better than us. Our staff members hail from all reaches of the country and carry with them indigenous information that adds local flavour to tour planning. This intrinsic knowledge helps us craft uncommon tour itineraries and refined classic journeys, all the while keeping abreast of the latest developments in Indian tourism, transportation, and politics.

On-the-Ground Support

It happens so at times that the flight gets delayed, the luggage is left behind, or some other unexpected problems emerge. That's when our expert on-the-ground support team comes to the rescue. With 24-hour emergency numbers and branch offices across the country, we're always there in case you need us. By constantly monitoring our clients' activities, we ensure safe travelling and a smooth, enjoyable journey to them.

Quality Control

In order to verify the quality of hotels, we personally inspect, and rank properties on our own five-star system based on international standards. Our staff and team members also check in person all the vehicles we use, and give our travel partners a list of guidelines on how to handle our clients. This includes providing fresh seat covers for every trip, purchasing water bottles, and using newer car models.


It's our attention to little things like airport garland greetings, providing tasty snacks and fresh linens for overnight train journeys, handing out cloth slippers for walks across hot temple floors, or offering clients a mobile phone to dial home or make emergency calls that sets us apart. Simple? Sure, but we believe that these added extras play a large role in turning a "good" journey into a "great" one.


Our passion towards our work gives us the courage to experiment and create unique tour alternatives, and seek uncharted "worlds" in our beloved India. There is an India that still lies off the beaten path, and we want travellers to explore it and revel in its beauty as we do. Coupled with matchless Indian hospitality, each tour becomes a memorable experience to be cherished forever!

Client Testimonials

"The best thing I have ever done and everyone at Discovery went out of their way to make it special. Assistance, Transport, Local guides and Camping equipment was all perfect."

-Blue Cross, United Kingdom

"Discovery Journeys made my dream possible... I will continue to recommend you to friends."

-Graham Moorland, USA

"This was more than we had hoped for in every way; from the time we were greeted at the airport to the time we left."

-The Reynolds and Edward Slack, United Kingdom

"Your team made the whole tour a real pleasure and took all the hassle out of the experience."

-Annie Parker, United Kingdom

"My wife, three children, and I would like to thank you for planning, booking and carrying through on our tremendous family holiday...We always felt safe."

-J. Robert Doyle and Family, Canada

"A really amazing trip!...The itinerary was well planned, destinations were superb and we enjoyed special care and accommodations throughout..."

-Brooke Hospital Members, England

"Your company was perfect in every detail and all the arrangements were first class."

-Jackie Hughes, EMMS Group

"The final itinerary Discovery created for us was truly a journey of a lifetime."

-Shannon Glau, USA

"This good organization, matching European standards...made a perfect holiday trip for us all."

-Anders Reizen Team, Belgium

"An experience of a lifetime made possible by the professionalism and care of Discovery"

-Annie Webster, United Kingdom

"Everything went smooth and exceeded our expectations."

-Daniel Thomasi, Switzerland